Geology Tours : Expert-led and Small Groups with GeoCultura

Explore the world’s most exceptional landscapes on small group geology tours led by renowned geologists. You’ll deepen your understanding of geology and discover the history and culture which bring these areas alive.

Explore the world’s most exceptional landscapes on our small group geology tours led by renowned experts. You’ll deepen your understanding of geology and get to know the people and places that bring these areas alive.

Whether your interest in geology is professional or casual – or you’re travelling with someone whose thirst for geological knowledge differs from yours – you’ll unearth something fascinating on GeoCultura’s small group tours. Typical group size is between 6 and 12 travellers.

Led by professional geologists in partnership with local tour guides, our geology holidays take you to the core of places that are renowned for their geology.

From deep gorges to towering rock spires, and world-renowned dinosaur museums to hands-on fossil hunts, we take you to the coalface of earth history.

Some of our geo tours emphasise impressive landscapes, such as the Rockies of Alberta or the Chiricahua Hoodoos of Arizona, while others focus on the heritage of geology, such as at Knockan Crag in Scotland. Most are a combination of the two, plus a generous measure of local culture, making them ideal whatever your level of understanding of geology.

While geology is an important part of our small group guided tours, we do so much more than look at the rocks.

Our tours also explore the influence these deep-time sites have had on more recent history. As well as delving into the lives of past inhabitants, you’ll get to know the ways of life of the people that dwell in and around those iconic landscapes today.

How about a leisurely lunch of tapas on a patio in a medieval town overlooking the Pyrenees? Or counting the hummingbird varieties in southeast Arizona? Or sipping whisky at a Scottish distillery? All while enjoying accommodations that encapsulate the local atmosphere, such as a country house hotel in Ireland, a hotel perched among the red rocks of Utah, or a converted castle in Spain.

Each tour is led by a geologist with a love of the destination and expertise in the relevant geology. Our guides include leading academics such as Rob Butler of the University of Aberdeen, Rob Knipe of Leeds University and Paul Olsen of Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, as well as renowned consultants such as Mark Rowan and Henry Pettingill.

As well as being experts in their fields, our tour leaders bring to the tour their own life experiences, an insatiable curiosity and a love of storytelling.

Intrigued? Here are some of the geological and cultural highlights of a few of our tours. Our guides can talk about them in as much detail as you choose. 

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Small group geology tours of Scotland, England & Wales

Lyme Regis fossil hunting

England's Jurassic Coast: Guided Small Group Tour (2 nights)

Geology highlights: Fossil hunting at Lyme Regis; the iconic Durdle Door arch, Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole; the Etches Collection museum, including the spectacular recently found pliosaur skull.

Culture highlights: Pioneering Victorian fossil hunter Mary Anning; a traditional pub, a Norman fortress, and movie locations; and a stay in a 16th-century inn.

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Durdle Door, Jurassic Coast

Southern England Tour: London, Bath and Jurassic Coast (5 nights)

Geology highlights: All the stops on the 2-night Jurassic Coast tours above plus a guided geology walk in central London; the stones of Avebury and Bath; the rounded and graded potato- to pea-size clasts of the 18-mile Chesil Beach.

Culture highlights: Three UNESCO World Heritage sites; an 800-year-old abbey and a Gothic cathedral; famous novelists, Romans, Georgians and Victorians; a stay in a boutique four-star hotel. 

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Llyn Ogwen Lake, North Wales

Darwin in Wales (5 nights)

Geology highlights: Sites where Darwin was taught to ‘read the rocks and landscapes’ including the volcanic centre of Snowdonia, glacial features at Cwm Idwal and serpentinite on the Isle of Anglesey.

Culture highlights: Ruined forts and carefully preserved castles; Welsh slate mines; Welsh artists; tales of Welsh giants; a stay at a Darwin-themed hotel.

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Moine Thrust at Knockan Crag, NW Highlands Scotland

Geological Landscapes, Stories and Controversies of North-West Scotland (7 nights)

Geology highlights: Loch Ness and the Great Glen Fault; “The Cradle of Geology”: Knockan Crag and the Moine Thrust, one of the locations where thrust faults were first recognised; Loch Eriboll and the outcrop that saw the demise of the Murchison-Geikie “controversy” and the birthplace of a new global tectonics; 3.2-billion-year-old Lewisian gneiss; a 1.3-billion-year-old meteor impact crater.

Culture highlights: History, from Iron Age settlements and the Highland Clearances to the Jacobite Risings and World War II.

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Small group geology tours of Ireland

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