Expert Guides

Our tour guides are experts drawn from the fields of geology, science communication and history. Many are practising geologists and academics with extensive experience of research and education.

Henry Pettingill


Henry Pettingill has homes in Texas, and in Aínsa, Spain and is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic expert linking Spanish geology, landscapes and local culture. Henry manages his own geological consultancy, and is a Senior Associate at Rose & Associates LLP. 

His home in Spain is in an area of outstanding landscapes that is a world-class destination for examining sandstones and Henry has been leading groups through Aínsa for many years. The town (not necessarily the home!) is on the itinerary of the Aragon tour Henry leads for GeoCultura. 

Henry has been a professional geologist since 1983. One of his more recent job titles was Director of Business Innovation, where he was responsible for looking into the future to discern upcoming trends. The “outside the box” thinking required for this role led Henry to develop a training course on “Creativity and Innovation”, where participants discover that these are skills that can be learned. 

Henry was recognized by the American Association of Geologists as one of the “100 Explorationists Who Made a Difference” (2017). 

Tours from Henry Pettingill: 

A Geocultural Tour of Aragon: Geology, History and Gastronomy in the Spanish Pyrenees