Explore England with GeoCultura's Travel Packages.

Explore England with GeoCultura's travel packages. Here are five compelling reasons to join our expert-led small group tours of England.
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Fossil hunting in Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast

5 things you’ll love about our small group tours of England

England is not much bigger than Ohio. But for such a small country, it packs in a lot. Stately homes and quaint villages adorn the rolling countryside. A plethora of fascinating sites, remote and urban, have achieved UNESCO World Heritage status. World-famous names and exciting up-and-coming faces grace theatres and festivals that draw international crowds. Rugged cliffs, sandy bays and strings of surprisingly tropical-like islands line its shores.

Underpinning it all is a diverse geology that’s reflected in its incredibly rich culture, history, gastronomy and archaeology. The views aren’t bad either!

This is a land where deep time is still revealing its secrets, and our England tour packages are the perfect way to uncover its mysteries. Here are five things you’ll love about them.

1.       You’re guided by local experts

We run tours all over the UK, in the USA, Canada and Europe, but our HQ is in England. This is our home and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If our England small group tour guides seem like they’re fully at home when they show you around, it’s probably because they are!

For example, our small group tours to the Isles of Scilly are led by Ornithologist, Dr Vickie Heaney and Jess Vian, both long-term residents of these beautiful, remote islands. As well as Scilly wildlife and history, there’s nothing Vickie and Jess don’t know about what it’s really like to live here, whether you’re curious about what St Mary’s is like in the dead of winter, or what happens when the weather stops any deliveries which arrive by sea.

2.       You’re transported from London to dramatic English landscapes in no time at all

From craggy moors and romantic lakes to gently rolling downs and cliffs worth singing about, there’s nothing samey about England’s scenery. Even better, on our small group tours from London you can easily go from capital to countryside to coast. In less than an hour, you’ll be transported from the bustle of the capital to landscapes that feel a million miles away.

Our Southern England tour covers old-as-time stone circles, ancient abbeys, genteel towns, and coastlines packed with fossils. We’re also planning to launch a small group tour of Kent, a county that unrolls from the southeast of London to the English Channel. The tour will introduce you to Canterbury, the end point of many famous pilgrimages, and other treasures including the White Cliffs of Dover, the spectacular chalk cliffs that formed in a tropical sea and inspired Dame Vera Lynn’s timeless tune, (There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover. But don’t expect to see any bluebirds flying here; the species isn’t actually native to the UK! You can register your interest here in a small group tour of Kent.

3.       You’ll see a mix of renowned UNESCO sites and off-the-beaten-track gems

England is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites – and countless hidden gems that you’ll be talking about just as passionately after your tour.

It's that blend of internationally renowned and locally loved sites that sets our small group tours apart. One day, you could be wandering along the famous honey-coloured streets of Georgian Bath Spa. The next, slipping behind the door of a rare ‘chained library’ in a cathedral tucked away in a tiny English town.

You can visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites September Southern England Tour, or visit one of England’s best-kept secrets when you join one of our guided tours of the Isles of Scilly (September 2024 or April 2025).

We’re planning to add another of England’s UNESCO World Heritage sites to our tours in 2025, with a small group tour of Durham and northeast England. Durham Cathedral and Cathedral has UNESCO status, but the spectacular castles and ruins that line the windswept coast here – built on a rock called the Whin Sill – are just as spectacular. Register your interest here in a small group tour of England’s northeast.

4.       We’ll always find something new to show you

England may be renowned for its history and heritage, but that doesn’t mean its past – or our tours – are set in stone. This is a dynamic country, where new discoveries are made, innovations created, and stories told every day. Our tours reflect that dynamism.

Because our tour leaders are experts in their field (as well as being great storytellers), they’re always up to speed with the latest developments in their specialist areas. For example, we knew about the discovery of a huge pliosaur in the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast long before it hit the news – and our Jurassic Coast tours, led by local geologist Jonathan Evans, visit the unearthed ‘sea monster’. In fact, Jonathan was involved in the Jurassic Coast’s application for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

5.       Your accommodation is part of the story, too

We believe that the places you stay in between the amazing sites you see are just as important for an unforgettable experience. Wherever possible, we book hotels that add something unique to the story.

We're running a 4-night inclusive package tour of the Scilly Isles in July 2025, staying at the Star Castle. Built in 1593, the hotel is the perfect complement to the stories of shipwrecks and the stargazing you’ll experience on the tour. After a day of sightseeing, you can drink in views across the archipelago from the hotel, sip pre-dinner drinks in the hotel’s Dungeon Bar and enjoy dinner in the former Officers’ Mess or the vine-clad Conservatory, both splendid restaurants, serving excellent food. All included in the inclusive price. Read reviews from the group who stayed in April 2024.


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