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"This trip was like none other. Exploring the region of southeastern Utah is magical. In places the landscape fools you into thinking you are on another planet, and yet at the same time the history of the earth and the ancient people comes alive as the tour guide weaves together the stories of geology, archaeology, and the mysteries of the petroglyphs. The days are filled with so many gems of discovery. It’s hard to decide what the best part is - stunning rock art, magnificent landscapes, or learning how all the parts come together. I choose all of them."  JCD April '23 tour

"My GeoCultura in March of 2023 tour was amazing. I have been on dozens of tours, but never one so geared to my love of geology. And this was one of the few that promised much and actually delivered on those promises. Not only did I have a great time exploring the geology of the Jurassic Coast, but I learned so much about the history of this fascinating area as well.
Jonathan, our guide, was very knowledgeable about the geology of the Jurassic Coast region, but more importantly made it accessible to me, who's only had one class in geology. And the fossil hunting on the beach was like the best Easter Egg Hunt I've ever been on! I found three pyrite ammonites! Added to this fun was great tours of the historical sites nearby because as they say, the geology of an area is and wonderful meals of locally sourced food. A truly wonderful three-day sustainable tour that taught me how geology shapes history." JS March '23 tour

"I thought the week was excellent; very interesting and with good variation in the days activities and not overdosing on any one activity.  I liked the flexibility shown by taking in Kingston Lacey which nicely completed the Corfe Castle and Lady Bankes story.

 The information and guiding was excellent - at a good level for everyone with supplemental detail where requested - by lunchtime of the first day it felt like an outing of friends and that’s pretty special!" DM - March 2023 tour

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Highlands tour. Learned so much about the landscape, the history of the Clearances, the Clans and the Battle of Culloden. I got home and ordered a small selection of books for further reading! The company was great and the accommodation was excellent, especially Coul House Hotel. Amazing hospitality there, beautiful grounds, walks from the doorstep, and great food." RF - Sept 2022 tour

“The leader, Jonathan, was super-knowledgeable,  but wasn’t at all dry or intimidating!  The days flew by, it was so interesting, lots of fun and I really got the sense of being part of a living, breathing place. Fossil hunting was definitely a highlight, as was our pit stop at The Square & Compass, with some of the best views in Dorset.” BR - July 2022 tour

"What a wonderful experience! The guides were wonderfully informed and responded enthusiastically to all of my many questions. I must book a return trip with my Grandsons!" SW - July 2022 tour

"What a great way to explore the Jurassic Coastline and meet like-minded people in the process. The guide's knowledge was so interesting and I found out so much. I’ll be recommending this to my friends and I’ll be coming back to do another trip." DW - July 2022 tour