GeoCultura Leader, Rob Knipe in the News

Our tour experts are often in the news: read a recent article from one of them, Rob Knipe.
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What role should geoscience play in ensuring a sustainable transition to net zero?

Rob Knipe Leader

This question was at the centre of an April 2022 Energy Transition Discussion Meeting convened by the Geological Society of London in partnership with Responsible Raw Materials.

Rob Knipe helped with organizing the meeting, and has prepared an article about it for GeoScientist Magazine. The article defines Energy Transition and observes that geological knowledge will be key to sourcing and recycling materials for low-carbon energy infrastructure, and that geological solutions will underpin new technologies for energy production, transfer and storage. It then reports on the approaches and actions discussed at the meeting to ensure geoscience drives innovation while facilitating a sustainable and socially just transition. You may read the article here.

Rob has an ongoing interest in Energy Transition, and works with local and national groups promoting changes towards a carbon neutral society. He is Chairperson at GeoCultura and co-leads, with Rob Butler, our six day tour of the dramatic scenery and rich lore of the Scottish Highlands, NW Highlands of Scotland: Geology, Landscapes, History and Controversies.