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Our tour guides are experts drawn from the fields of geology, science communication and history. Many are practising geologists and academics with extensive experience of research and education.

Richard Collier


Richard Collier currently resides in Yorkshire, England. He is Senior Lecturer in Tectonics and Sedimentation at Leeds University and runs a geological consultancy, Collier Consulting Ltd.

His core research interests focus on achieving a holistic understanding of sedimentary processes and interactions between fault evolution and sedimentation within active continental rifts, and across the rift to continental margin transition. Current projects continue his established research in the Gulf of Corinth Rift and the Red Sea Rift.

Richard has published extensively on the Corinth Rift, including contributing to The Gulf of Corinth (Classic Geology in Europe series), and has guided numerous groups through the area.

Tours from Richard Collier:

Geology and Archaeology in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece