Expert Guides

Our tour guides are experts drawn from the fields of geology, science communication and history. Many are practising geologists and academics with extensive experience of research and education.

Bob Holdsworth


Bob is a Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University, and has a lifelong association with Scilly. First visiting the islands at the age of four, Bob has returned several times every year ever since. Scrambling around the wild rock landscapes of Scilly and hunting for beautiful sea-polished pebbles on its shores had a profound, positive influence on his choice of future career.


Exploring and studying geological landscapes in the field is a real passion for Bob, and he likes nothing better than sharing his experiences and understanding with novices and experts alike. He is a regular contributor to media stories about geology, especially earthquakes, and is widely recognised for his skill in making the subject accessible and engaging.


A Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the Geological Society of London, Bob has written over two hundred and twenty papers and chapters on aspects of geology worldwide, with a strong focus on the geology and evolution of the British Isles. Scilly is just a microcosm of that passion for archipelagos, and Bob has also helped to write visitor guides about the fascinating earth history of Scilly