Why Travel With Us

Our small group tours take you beyond what you can see with your own two eyes. Peel back the layers of a place through storytelling that’s deeply rooted in the landscape and its people.

Here are five ways our tours are special. If, like us, you think these factors can make or break an experience, you’ll love our tours.

1. See the world differently

Our tours combine earth history, nature, landscapes and local culture to give you a deeper understanding of the essence of a place.

Imagine looking at a landscape and seeing more than trees, skylines, houses and hills. To be able to read the scenery and understand that vast seas once churned where plains now unfurl. To see the tracks where dinosaurs rambled across ancient landscapes now criss-crossed by hiking trails. Or to picture the moment an idea that changed the world was formed in a genteel inn where you can still have a drink today.

2. Small groups, led by curiosity

We only run small group tours, typically of 10-15 guests, because we believe that the best group tours come in small packages. Small group experiences are more personal, more rewarding and more memorable.

As part of a small group, you get closer to the destination. After all, it’s easier to get a truer sense of a place when there’s only a few of you exploring it at the same time. And you’ll get to know the other guests better too.

Your questions will be heard and answered thoughtfully by our talented Tour Leaders and Guides – and the time given to considering your questions means they’re more likely to lead to conversations that get everyone involved. Uncovering a destination becomes a team effort, led by curiosity.

3. Enjoy an adaptive experience

Our small group tours leave more space for a flexible service, so your needs can be more readily met whatever the weather.

All of our tours have an element of flexibility throughout, and if conditions don’t suit a particular day’s activities, we’ll provide you and the group with an alternative plan to ensure that you can still enjoy the local area and its attractions. It’s the perfect blend of expert guidance from your Tour Leaders and personalisation from the GeoCultura team.

4. It’s how we tell it

We make earth history and its links to history and culture accessible and exciting. Our Tour Leaders are experts in their fields as well as captivating storytellers. The geologists among us reveal how to read the landscapes and rocks. Our photographers show you how to capture them. And our storytellers bring them to life with captivating tales of legends, battles and ancestors.

5. The details matter

We spend a lot of time developing tour itineraries that show you the best places, whether they’re bucket-list attractions or hidden gems we know you’ll love. But we spend just as much time thinking about the details that can make or break an experience: the local food and drink, the truly welcoming accommodation, the spacious transport with a few seats kept spare.

It’s why, after your small-group tour with GeoCultura, you’ll spend as much time telling your friends about your hotel’s friendly hosts as you will about the incredible sights you saw, and compelling insights you came away with.