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About us

Find out what makes GeoCultura so passionate about running exceptional tours

Key Aims

  • To provide high-quality and informative holidays focused on the history of our earth and local culture
  • To entertain and inform combined with quality accommodation and food experiences
  • To engage with people who are interested and curious about the world around us
  • To illustrate the role of landscapes and earth history in culture and society

How it all began

The first germ of an idea for GeoCultura started when a group of friends got together to plan a trip. We wanted something that allowed us to visit spectacular landscapes and rocks, while also enjoying the best the region had to offer. We wanted a trip that combined earth history with an understanding of the wider natural environment and landscapes, and to see how these influence local culture and development. We drew a blank. So we decided to plan one for ourselves. And GeoCultura was born.

Who we are

Our leadership team is drawn from the fields of science and history. They are supported by staff with many years’ experience in delivering world-class outdoor events with the highest standards of logistic organisation and health and safety practices. Our tour leaders are some of the very best communicators, whose passion and knowledge are brought to the world’s most beautiful locations to provide memorable holidays.

Expert Leaders

Our tour leaders are world experts drawn from the fields of geology and communication. Many are practicing geologists and academics with long histories of research and teaching in the field and in the classroom.

Our leaders are greatly skilled in communicating the complexities of the history of our planet. They will paint pictures and tell stories of the landscapes, geology and culture of the region that bring the dynamism of earth history to life. Their deep knowledge is also brought to bear where geoscience, the natural environment and human development are knitted together.

They interweave tales of the natural sciences with stories of human development of history, art and architecture. After all, human development is fundamentally dependent on the natural environment and our earth provides the foundations on which all life is built.